Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Speaking of thugs and the mentally ill.

A White man with a gun, who kills 9 African Americans in their own church, while they are praying, is a mentally ill young man who needs help, and still should be able to own a gun for "self protection," and to be able to resist the tyranny of his own government.

A Black man with a gun is a "thug", and in reality, even though he is a kid with a toy pistol, killing him is justified because he is a threat to our greater society.

Of course, there is no racial divide in our country, and the Confederate flag is just an historical souvenir of the Civil War and a sign of pride for the southern states, no matter that it was never a flag used by any rebel state during that terrible war, and only came into prominence in the 20th century when the KKK began to display it in their rallies.

I am literally sick to death for what has become of my country!

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