Monday, February 29, 2016


When voting for a candidate for the presidency of the United States, of whichever political party, I want to know his or her plans for improving the American economy, increasing employment, improving public education, repairing our infrastructure, improving healthcare and making it more affordable, expanding Social Security, and additionally, I want to know his or her intentions on involving the United States in future military adventures throughout the world and what they will do to solve foreign conflicts that we, as a country, are presently involved in. And I would like to hear details, not just that it will be great or huge!

I am NOT interested in the candidate’s income, except as to how it would bear on their presidency, nor am I interested in whether they have an artificial tan or not, nor am I interested in the size of their fingers or genitalia.

I DO want to know about any affiliations he or she has, though, with any group or person who possibly could or would influence their decisions while in office.

In other words: We all deserve much better than what we have heard from any candidate of either political party so far.

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